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GRAND >> << OPENING [22 Oct 2005|10:56pm]

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Welcome to rewindbutton. This community is a place where I ( foundmysong ) will post updates of a Backstreet Boys fan fiction I am writing right now. You're welcomed to join up and read away. Feedback is always appriciated.

Also, please note: everything from here out, will be friends only. So you must join, to see it.

This story takes place in 2001, from the beginning of Aj McLean's addiction, onward. If you have any other questions, ask away :D

P.S. Chapter Titles are SONG TITLES. The song will be listen in the `music` section. It's what I listen to while writing each chapter, usually, so if you want to enhaaance your reading experience...try listening to the song while you read! If you don't have it, ask and I'll hook you up! :D

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